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Long towering buildings on both sides of the road, have they ever made you wonder how much effort it takes it to make these high rise buildings. How do the builders and real estate companies manage the equipment and get all their materials to every level so easily? The use of cranes makes this otherwise difficult easy. Crane are the lifting machines that functions with the use of pulleys and cables. Cranes help in the process of loading and unloading of materials, lifting tons of heavy materials to different levels of the building structure.
Cranes are usually controlled and operated by designated operators with the help of a push button pendant control station or by using radio type control system. This crane operator is responsible for the proper functioning of the crane as well as the safety of the crew who work at the location.
The cranes manufacturers in India offer a wide range of cranes to their customers and clients. The usage of crane depends on the type of work that is required to be done. There are tower cranes that are mainly used for the construction of tall buildings, vehicle mounted cranes, EOT cranes, Gantry and Goliath cranes, Jib cranes, electric wire rope hoist, goods lift cranes and many more. A Jib crane manufacturer keeps in mind the requirement of loading and unloading of materials on the assembly station or from the transport vehicle. These cranes are best suited for this job and are widely used at the construction sites.

EOT Crane Manufacturer by ambicaeng

The leading EOT cranes manufacturers in India are known for their specialisation in offering total customised solutions as per the material handling requirements of the clients and giving them the option of choosing the perfect EOT crane. They make sure to provide material handling solutions through all types of overhead cranes along with lifting equipment. Amongst the other offerings, customer service and support are provided to ensure that each and every client is satisfied and happy with the offerings made to them.
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Submitted on
September 17, 2014